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I often receive inquiries from overseas, so I will introduce metadata in English.
I'm not very good at English, but I hope you are interested in it.

M Data is a company that monitors TV programs and TV-CM broadcast in Japan in real time.
TV is still an important information medium and closely related to daily life in Japan, so our data will help you understand Japanese trends.

We usually create Japanese text data under strict rules as follows.
(This time, I added English to the diagram.)

The Data of TV Programs

The Data of TV-CM

This way, when I search the database by keywords or person names, we can see the trend of broadcasting.

For example, you can know:
* Amount of exposure in a particular sports event
→ To refer to the level of excitement in Japan!
* Company which produces TV-CM related to sports
→ To appeal to the sponsor of the competition!
* Food, drinks, or various genres that are often on-air in Japan
→ To refer to your export or business!
* TV-CM sales situation of other companies in the same industry
→ To refer to advertise online-ad at that time!

This is the ranking of "Location" in Japan, which appeared on TV programs under the theme of "sightseeing".
In 2018, the 1st: "Narita International Airport", the 2nd: "Toyosu Market", and the 3rd: "Ueno Park".
When I look at the content of each programs, there are many features about foreign tourists, and we can see how much interest Japan has become in foreign tourists in the past few years.

This is the ranking of the cast of TV-CM broadcasted in the first half of 2019.
We also have data of celebrities such as gender, age and occupation. Popular celebrities appear in several companies' TV-CMs, so they are broadcasted many times. This lets you know who the popular entertainers in Japan are.

You can know various things about Japan from the data on TV.
With the Tokyo Olympics coming up next year, Japanese TV is getting more and more overseas conscious!
Please feel free to contact us as you can say "Can you do this?".

About Us

Contact me here.

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